Top 10 Best DJ Lights For Party (Buyers Guide & Review)

Parties and events are anytime fun. It creates some of your most memorable moments to cherish. One without music and lightings cannot be thought of to carry down appropriately. So if you are a host to some grand event or throwing a party where you want your guests to return happy-hearted, you will need DJ lights with the music to add up the pleasure.

DJ lights are for stage lighting that can be used by mobile disco DJs, in most modern nightclubs, and many late-night bars. DJ lighting can be controlled by internal sound activation, where the unit has a built-in sound to light function.

Here are some on which you can count on to take your reputation to heights and not disappoint you. Some might seem costly but would prove their worth to you once you trust them. The choice for one of the following entirely depends on your requirements. We have published article on the best acoustic guitar as well you can complete your music system by purchasing every music accessories.

Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2:

CHAUVET DJ LED Lighting System (GIGBAR 2)
  • 4-in-1 light that includes a pair of LED Derby, LED pars, a laser and strobe effect all mounted on one bar
  • Added UV in pars and strobes for increased color mixing and effects.Strobe Rate: (strobe): 0 to 18 Hz Beam Angle: (pars): 13° (strobe): 8° Field Angle: (pars): 24° (strobe): 18
  • Cover any room or stage with 4 individually adjustable and interchangeable heads. Tripod minimum height is 4.8 feet, maximum height is 8.3 feet, leg width is 3.9 feet and size is 1.5 inch
  • Get in and get out quickly with the included tripod, wireless footswitch and FREE carry bags
  • Ready for every application using the included mounting brackets to attach to truss.Coverage Angle: (laser): 93°(Derby): 114°

If you are a professional DJ and intend to grab all the appreciation, Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2 could be your perfect choice. The 4-in-1 light includes LED Derby, which can alternate colors, LED pars, laser and strobe effect, all mounted on one bar, which can be controlled with a wireless foot switch.

The four lights can be adjusted on the bar to cover any room with the full amount of light. Extremely easy to control and transport. The stand might create issues but fulfills its needs.


  • DMX Channels: 3, 11 or 23 DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Light Source Info: (Pars): 6 LEDs (Quad-color RGB+UV) with 3.5 W (1 A)|| 50,000 hours life span
    (Strobe): 4 LEDs (white & UV) with 5 W (1.5 A)|| 50,000 hours life span
    (Derby): 6 LEDs (2-red, 2-green and 2-blue) with 5 W (1.6 A)|| 50,000 hours life span
    650nm/100 mW (red) laser diode and 532nm/30 mW (green) laser diode
  • Strobe Rate: (strobe): 0 to 18Hz
  • Fits Tripod Size: 37.4 mm
  • Power Linking: 8 units 120 V; 15 units, 230 V
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current: 1 A, 120 V, 68 W, 60 Hz || 0.5 A, 230 V, 64 W, 50 Hz
  • Weight of product: 25.6 lb, (11.6 kg)
  • Size: 1185 x 110 x 386.5 mm
  • Stand Height: 1.5 to 2.5 m
  • Tripod leg width: 1.2 m
  • Foot Switch Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Foot Switch Max Unobstructed Distance: 30.5 m
  • Footswitch battery: 12 V A23

Pros & Cons For Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2

  • Perfectly responds to music
  • Added UV for excellent color mixing effects
  • Easy and fast setup and, therefore, can be easily transported with the carrying case that comes with it.
  • Can power link 8 units and thus saves time.
  • Can be controlled from the display itself or an IRC-6 remote or a DMX or the wireless foot switch.
  • Includes power cord
  • Highly expensive


Chauvet DJ Swarm 5FX:

Chauvet DJ SWARM5FX 3-in-1 Stage Lighting Effect | Laser & Strobe Effects
  • 3-in-1 LED light that includes a RGBAW rotating derby, red/green laser and white strobe effect
  • Laser projects thousands of red and green laser beams
  • Operation allows for separate color and program control
  • Increase control options using automated and sound-activated programs, or master/slave and DMX mode
  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power-linking multiple units

It is a 3-in-1 LED light with a red, green, blue, and white rotating derby, red/green laser, and white strobe effect. Its laser projects thousands of red and green laser beams that can give perfect results to the wall. Increased control options using built-in automated and sound-activated programs or Master/Slave and DMX mode. Easily transportable and can be mounted anywhere you want.


  • DMX Channels: 9 DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Light Source Info: (Swarm™): 5 LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 amber, 1 white) with 3 W (300 mA)|| 50,000 hours life span
    (strobe): 8 LEDs (white) with 1 W (300 mA)|| 50,000 hours life span (laser): 532 nm/50 mW (green) laser diode, 650 nm/100 mW (red) laser diode
  • Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz
  • Illuminance: (strobe): 823 lux, 2 m
  • Power Linking: 15 units, 120 V; 26 units, 230 V
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current: 62 W, 0.5 A, 120 V, 60 Hz
  • 66 W, 0.3 A, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 9.8 lb (4.5 kg)
  • Size: 9.75 x 11.7 x 12.2 in (248 x 298 x 310 mm)

Pros & Cons of Chauvet DJ Swarm 5FX:

  • Music control available
  • Saves time with multiple power linking units
  • Separate color and program control allowed
  • Fits best inside the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag
  • Mirror assembly is made of soft plastic which might create issues.
  • Expensive in comparison to its competitors.


Tomshine 60W Moving Head:

Tomshine 60W Moving Head Lights 6 IN1 DMX-512 16/18 Channels Stage Lighting Sound Activated Spotlight RGBW+Amber+UV for Party KTV Pub Bar Disco Dj Show Wedding Ceremony
  • Specification:Professional DMX-512 LED 16/18 Channels stage light.
  • 4 Modes: Sound activation, auto, DMX512 and master-slave
  • RGBW+Amber+UV 6-in-1: 6 single color, Red, green, blue, white, amber and UV .
  • Lighting effect: Wash light, color jumping, strobe and dimming.
  • Useful: for disco, KTV, club, party, pub, bar, banquet, school show, wedding ceremony, etc.

If the prerequisite is for disco, party, banquet, school show, or some wedding ceremony, this is an excellent option. It supports long operating life up to 5,000 hours with low heat dissipation. Passing a strict multi-process, 24-hour check it ensures absolute protection. Consists of high-transmission lenses and metal accessories covered with a secure ABS shell and lights are made of high-quality material.


  • Voltage: AC 90-240 V 50 / 60 HZ
  • Power: Total 60W(4*12W)
  • Light source: RGBW+Amber+UV 6-in-1 LED
  • LED quantity: 4 LEDs
  • Light color: Red, green, blue, white, amber, UV
  • Strobe: 1-10 times per second, adjustable
  • Pan: 540 degree Tilt: 180 degree
  • Item size: 14 * 14 * 18 cm / 5.5 * 5.5 * 7.0 in (L * W * H)
  • Item weight: 1496 g / 52.4 oz
  • Package size: 19.0 * 17.5 * 15.0 cm / 7.5 * 6.9 * 5.9 in (L * W * H)
  • Package weight: 1887 g / 66.6 oz

Pros & Cons of Tomshine 60W Moving Head

  • Cheap and cost-efficient
  • Tilts smoothly through a wide-angle covering bigger areas.
  • Control mode: Sound activation, auto, DMX512, master-slave
  • Works according to the rhythm
  • Lighting effect consists of wash light, color jumping, strobe, and dimming
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Not waterproof so recommended for closed areas
  • Instructions in the manual might get hard to follow
  • Since a small size in high power, the fan needs rapid heat dissipation and, therefore, might at times get noisy.


Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting:

  • MASTER/SLAVE OPERATION: This function allows you to link up to 16 units together and operate. The units will be sound activated. In Master-Slave operation one unit will act as the controlling unit and the others will react to the controlling unit.
  • MULTIPLE 90° BEAM ANGLE LENSES: Distributes maximum dance floor coverage with a very wide floodlighting scheme.
  • STEPPER MOTOR: The Electro Swarm sanctions lights to move fluidly throughout the room with dispersed lasers sensational for mood setting.
  • NO DUTY CYCLE: Meaning you can have your lights on at any amount of dimness or brightness without the worry of decreasing time cycles.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Eliminator Lighting warranty is valid from the date of purchase. Our 1-year limited warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Serial number, place of purchase with a dated valid receipt must be submitted at the time of service.

Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting is a perfect selection for night clubs and parties. It is a LED Mushroom Crisscross Beam Effect Light Show and flash to the beat of the music and creates a unique light show. It has no duty cycle, which means brightness can be adjusted without the worry of decreasing time cycles. It has two dip switches that must be switched on to run in sound active stand-alone mode. In case switched off, they will run in the slave mode and wait for a signal from the master unit.


  • 6×1 Watt LEDs (2x Red, 2x Green, 2x Blue)
  • Beam Angle: 90° degrees
  • Power Consumption: 15W Fuse: 2 Amp
  • 2 Red, 2 Green and 2 Blue
  • Dimensions: 14.75” x 10.75” x 10.75” in.
  • Total weight 6 lbs.
  • Voltage: 90V ~ 240V 60Hz/50Hz
  • LEDs: 6 x 1W (2 Red, 2 Green, & 2 Blue)
  • Degrees Weight: 5.3 lbs./ 2.5kgs Size: 14.5”(L) x 10.6”(H) x 10.6”(W)
  • Duty Cycle: None
  • Colours: Multiple Coloured Lenses
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Pros & Cons of Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting:

  • Master/Slave operation allows you to link up 16 units together and operate.
  • Multiple 90° beam angle lenses covering a wide area
  • Sound Active Mode
  • No duty cycle
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Cost-efficient
  • International Shipping is not available
  • Contains small parts so might get tacky at times


Chauvet Swarm Wash FX:

CHAUVET DJ Swarm Wash FX 4-in-1 RGBAW Rotating Derby w/LED Wash Light, Red/Green Laser and White SMD Strobes
  • 4-in-1 LED light that combines an RGBAW rotating derby, RGB+UV wash, red/green laser, and a ring of white SMD strobes
  • Endless possible looks with individual control of each effect via DMX and Master/Slave modes, or IRC-6
  • Improved menu structure for ease of use
  • Red and green laser beams project thousands of beams for maximum coverage
  • Class 3R Laser with 4.9mW output or less

It is an excellent pick for big parties and functions with high-quality light and multiple lighting effects. Swarm Wash FX includes 4-in-1 LED effect, which includes red, green, blue and white rotating derby, UV wash, red/green laser, and SMD strobes. DMX and master/slave modes can easily control these. Multiple units can be power linked, which enables time-saving through running cables and extension cords. Carrying this is no issue as it comes with the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.


  • DMX Channels: 2 or 18 DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Light Source Info: (Swarm): 5 LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 amber, 1 white) with 2 W (650 mA)|| 50,000 hours life span
  • (Wash): 8 LEDs (quad-color RGB+UV) with 1.5 W (600 mA) || 50,000 hours life span
  • (Strobe) 12 LEDs (white) with 1 W (300 mA) || 50,000 hours life span
  • (Laser): 650 nm/100 mW (red) laser diode, 532 nm/30 mW (green) laser diode
  • Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz
  • Power Linking: 15 units, 120 V; 26 units, 230 V
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current: 40 W, 0.5 A, 120 V, 60 Hz 38 W, 0.3A, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 9.2 lb (4.2 kg)
  • Size: 13.1 x 13 x 9.4 in (335 x 332 x 241 mm)

Pros & Cons of Chauvet Swarm Wash FX:

  • Automated and sound-activated programs
  • User-friendly menu structure
  • Provides good bright light
  • DMC and Master/Slave mode with IRC-6 remote
  • Easy and quick set up with sound-activated programs
  • Saves time by power linking multiple units
  • Durable and light-weighted
  • Expensive


DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Stage Lighting Package:

DragonX 4 Bar LED DJ Mobile Stage Lighting Packages | RGB Portable Par Can Kit Spotlight with Stand | Sound Activated Flex Wash Light Party System Gig Bars 108W
  • [USAGE] This portable stage light kit is suited for stage presentation, gig band lighting system, concerts stage lighting, theaters, wedding ceremonies or large parties. It can be floor mounted for additional uplighting effects to showcase the right emotion to portray.
  • [COMPLETE PACKAGE] Stage lighting kit with comes 4 LED Par Cans, Tripod Lighting Stand to maneuver, Foot-Switch Controller for better control, Power Cord, and Stand Bag for protection and portability.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Compatible with other brand's Lighting System DMX control profile, sound-activated control mode ready, and with 4 X 3 X Tri-9W RGB LED Diodes.
  • [ACCURACY] You will be able to control from 1-4 colors per light using the 4 channels. Extended Power and Foot Switch Cables. It has 4Bar Tri Color with strobe rate at 0 - 20Hz for better accuracy.

A choice for DJ’s or someone who wants a perfect LED setup. It is a professional DJ LED stage beam light package. DragonX 4 Bar can be mounted on the tripod stand coming with the package or floor mounted for up-lighting effects. The build-in programs are perfect for plug and play use, and the DMX function enables it to customize your scenes and effects.


  • Has 4 LED Par Cans
  • A Foot Switch Controller, a Power Cord, a Parian Bag and a Stand Bag
  • Great LED lighting option for the stage
  • An exclusive daisy chain multiple bar systems by linking them together with DMX cables
  • Comprises of Built-in 10+ pre-programmed scenes
  • Extended Power Cable and Foot Switch Cable
  • 4 X 3 X Tri-9W RGB LED Diodes. 3/15 DMX channels compatible with Chauvet Lighting System DMX control profile

Pros & Cons for DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Stage Lighting Package

  • Footswitch and power control makes it easy to handle
  • Built-in programs for plug and play use
  • DMX functions for customizations
  • Has multiple pre-set programs
  • Moderately priced
  • Activated sound control
  • Portable Design
  • Gives Full stage coverage
  • Comes with the complete package of lights, tripod stand, and bags
  • Might get difficult to assemble and dissemble
  • Only includes wash lights, so effects are limited
  • User Manual might get difficult to follow


Chauvet Kinta FX Multi-Effect by Beam:

A superb choice for some limited area venue. The Chauvet Kinta FX contains LED derby effect, laser, and SMD strobe in one compact fixture. It creates a wide range of exciting looks, which include multicolored derby beams, dynamic strobes, and chases with hundreds of sharp red and green laser beams. It fits best in the CHS 30 VIP Gear Bag. It contains a compact multi-effect with a Kinta, laser, and SMD strobe. The package includes a power cord, warranty card, and a user manual.


  • DMX Channels: 2 or 9 DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Light Source: (Kinta): 4 LEDs (1-Red, 1-Green, 1-Blue, 1-White), 7.5W (2.4A) || 50,000 hours life span
    (Strobe): 16 SMD LEDs (white) 5 W (1.6 A) || 50,000 hours life span
    (Laser): 650 nm/100 mW (Red) laser diode, 532 nm/30 mW (Green) laser diode
  • Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz
  • Power Linking: 16 units, 120 V; 31 units, 230 V
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current: 32 W, 0.5 A, 120 V, 60 Hz
    31 W, 0.3 A, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight of product: 3.8 lb (1.7 kg)
  • Size: 7.4 x 10.3 x 7.4 in (187 x 261 x 187 mm)

Pros & Cons For Chauvet Kinta FX Multi-Effect by Beam:

  • Affordable
  • Multiple units can be power linked that saves time in running cables and extension cords
  • Handy feature of daisy-chaining
  • Can be controlled with DMX, master/slave, IRC 6 remote or its digital display.
  • It projects countless sharp multicolor beams
  • Brightness is up to mark and doesn’t lose its quality in the presence of other lights
  • Easy to carry
  • Might not cover large open areas


LauceNatz 630005:

LaluceNatz DJ Lights, 30W 48 Lens Professional Colorful DJ Lighting, Portable Stage Light Sound Activated with DMX/Remote Control for Party, Wedding, Birthday, Dance, Festivals, Stage Lighting
  • 【9 Colors DJ Light Leds】The 30W dj lights is designed with 9 colors includes Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Rose / Purple / Orange / Amber / White, colorful dj lighting effect creates romantic and relaxing atmosphere for your night party, dj party, stage party and more.
  • 【Easy to Switch Various Modes】The strobe lights for parties has various modes includes Auto Play, Strobe, Hopping, Master/Slave, Sound Activated, DMX, Remote Control. With remote control, DMX control and back up menu control, easy to switch modes.
  • 【Smart Design】Made of premium Aluminum alloy casing body and bracket, and 48 hard lens, compact and portable, and the dj lights for room is durable and easy to adjust on both sides with screws or hang to wall, t-bar with hole, or just stay on floor. The inner fans makes great performance for heat dissipation and extends the lifespan of the dj stage lights.
  • 【Bright Beam & Sound Activated】30W dj lights sound activated with 120°-160° beam angle has brighter light beam and the lighting effects will change with the beats of the music. Feel relaxing when enjoy your music, dance show, or live gigs.
  • 【DJ Lights for Parties】Perfect 30W stage lights for party, wedding, events, church, theater or other occasions. It’s also perfect dance lights for mobile dj gigs, birthday party, anniversary, bar, stadium, pub, musical live show, festivals, gathering, and more.

LED stage light appropriate for disco, bar, pub, party. Also, works well on a live show and mobile DJ gigs and therefore suits professional DJ’s or for a wide variety purpose. A DJ lights for led stage lighting with varicolored DJ lighting effects like red, green, blue, white, amber, yellow, rose, purple, orange. It has multi-functional stage lights effects. Trigger built-in automated programs and project colorful wide-angle beams. Fancy design with top quality metal housing and built-in cooling fan. It can be easily installed to the DJ light stand or wherever you want with a flexible mounting handle.


  • Working voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Beam angle: 160°at horizon; 120°at vertical
  • Size: 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.6 in ; Net Weight: 1.35 kg / 3.0 lb
  • Power consumption: 27W ; Protection level: IP40 (indoor use only)
  • DMX control: 8 Channel
  • DMX connecter: 3-Pin DMX In / Out
  • Lifespan: 40000-50000 hours
  • Working environment temperature: -20℃ ~ 40℃
  • Remote control distance: ≤5M
  • Strobe speed: 120 times/min to 240 times/min (speed adjustable)
  • Lighting color: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Rose / Purple / Orange / Amber / White

Pros & Cons For LauceNatz 630005

  • Affordable and cost efficient
  • Control modes: Auto-Run, Sound-Activated, DMX Control, Master-Slave, Remote Control
  • Auto-Play, Hopping and Strobe Lighting.
  • Achieves longer life span with the built-in cooling fan
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Durable and light weighted
  • Easy to use
  • Unable to run customised programs with this light
  • Fan might get noisy
  • Colours cannot be selected


KingBo UV Black Lights:

UV LED Black Lights, KINGBO High Power 30W UV LED Blacklight Flood Light Glow in The Dark Outdoor UV LED Light Waterproof for Party Club DJ Disco Stage Lighting Birthday Parties Blacklight Party
  • ►【Black Lights New Reflector Design】 Design with 28pcs 1watt high power LEDs, double chips, 120-degree cup, higher lumen out put per watt than other blacklight floodlights, super bright!
  • ►【Advanced UV-A Spectrum】 395-400nm wavelength UV led blacklight fixture, perfect for glow parties, small clubs, halloween decoration, blacklight poster display, Aquarium lighting and fishing.
  • ►【Better Heat Dissipation】 Build with classic ultra thin flood light aluminum body, keep good temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use, 50,000+ hrs longer lifespan and more energy less heat.
  • ►【Easy to Used】 Adjustable mounting bracket for wall/ceiling mounting or just let it stand on the floor, online on/off switch, easy to set up and use.
  • ►【Worry-Free Warranty】 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Friendly customer service 24 hours E-mail support.

KingBo UV Black Lights contains advanced UV-A Spectrum perfect for glow parties, small clubs, Halloween decoration, blacklight poster display, aquarium lighting, and fishing. It has the black lights new reflector design with 28pcs 1watt high power LEDs, double chips, and 120-degree cup. Has super brightness. Build with perfect ultra-thin flood light aluminum body, keep suitable temperature. Equipped with dual chips and higher Lumen output. Perfectly adjustable mounting handle for wall/ceiling mounting or could be simply placed on the floor, online on/off switch. One year warranty including 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee with a 100% money back. Friendly customer service 24 hours of E-mail support.


  • Dimensions: 7.1×6.0x1.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Reflector Angle: 120-Degree
  • UV Wavelength: 395-400nm
  • Coverage: ~10ft x 8ft
  • Input Voltage: AC100V-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Dimmable: Non-Dimmable
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Black Lights New Reflector Design

Pros & Cons For KingBo UV Black Lights

  • Affordable
  • 50,000+ hours longer lifespan
  • More energy less heat (Supports better Heat Dissipation)
  • Easy to Use
  • 180° Flexible Adjust
  • Dedicated on-off switch
  • The body is IP65 waterproof
  • One of the brightest in the market among competitors
  • Recommended not to look directly into when lights are working(eye sensitive)
  • The switch is not waterproof
  • The brightness cannot be adjusted


KingTop Disco:

KINGTOP Disco Party Lights DJ Stage Led Strobe Lights with Remote Control Sound Activated Color Rotating for Home Birthday Karaoke DJ Parties Night Lighting (Black)
  • Sound activated Ocean Moving waves disco light create an Instant Party with nice ripple effect,the device listens to bass sounds or beats in the music and the light will light up as the music plays, really nice effect.
  • MULTICOLORED DISPLAY 7 colors water laser lights, creates a water ripple on any surface,ideals for many occasions like parties, sensory relaxation,Karaoke,Wedding Show Pub,kids bedroom
  • Multiple modes DJ Lights come with a little handy remote controller so you can select various modes for your needs: Flash for strobe effect,Music for music activated,Auto for 7 colors rotating,Motion Speed +/- and lots of color options
  • Small, compact and easy to use, just plug and play, and carry it to any location and anywhere you want to Shine the Light
  • KINGTOP Great Support: One Year Warranty with friendly and fast customer service to solve your problems within 24 hours,Get the KingTop DJ Stage Lights to add some atmosphere in your life !

Ideal for occasions which may include parties, sensory relaxation, Wedding Show, bars, kids bedroom. KingTop Disco has sound-activated Ocean Moving waves disco light that creates an Instant Party with a subtle ripple effect. It works with beats in the music and the light will illuminate up as the music plays, charming effect. Multicolor display with water laser lights that creates a water ripple on any surface. Multiple modes DJ Lights that comes with a handy remote controller for switching modes. It provides one year warranty that comes with friendly and fast customer service within 24 hours.


  • Power Supply: AC100-240V,50Hz-60Hz
  • Adapter: DC5V/1.5A
  • Power:9W
  • Ocean Wave Light Color: 7RGB Colors
  • Product Size: 4.7x 4x 1.5inch
  • Play Modes: Sound Activation / Auto-mode/Flash-mode
  • Lighting distance: 4-5 M
  • Lighting diameter of 2-3 M
  • Flash for strobe effect

Pros & Cons For KingTop Disco

  • Affordable
  • Music-activated
  • User friendly, easy to use
  • Easy to carry it to any location
  • Auto option for 7 colors rotating
  • Motion Speed effects +/- and lots of color options
  • Small, compact, plug and play
  • Creates water ripple effects on water
  • Not so bright
  • Might not cover larger areas


Buyer’s Guide:

Before you go for one of the above, you will have to make sure of some aspects. These aspects include:

  • Purpose of purchase:

    The purchase entirely depends on the purpose and requirements. Your time for which you want to light up your surroundings.

  • The area you wish to light up:

    According to the area you wish to light up. A small space or a big one, open area, or completely packed and your choice might differ widely.

  • Need to carry or not:

    You shall have to check if you need to carry your lights, then some from your choice list might cut down. Thereby, you shall require some easy to set up equipment.

  • The maximum brightness that you need:

    Your choice may vary with the amount of intensity you want and that light provides, low or high.

  • Professional or personal use:

    You will have to get some impressive once if it is for a professional purpose. Whereas looks can be compromised if it is for one’s personal party use.

In short, you should be aware and focused on what you need and then go for one.

Safety issues:

Mostly these lights come with protected and safety concerns. So this won’t take up much of your concern or create many issues. But you must confirm with the detailed user’s manual of the product for any precautions and must go by it.

Any other equipment requirements:

Usually, all the needs for lighting up the device come with the package. Be it power cord or cables or stands. It should be checked under the complete package section that you get all that you need to get your lights working (of course, except electricity).

Types of DJ Lightning:

The DJ lighting can be broadly classified into 4 types:

  1. Party lights: Lights designed for residential purposes for some get-together parties.
  2. Retro lights: The colorful rotating ball like lights can be considered retro. Also, the ones that look like a mirror ball with multicolored par 16 lamps in them.
  3. Projectors: A projection-style DJ light that uses a halogen lamp technology. Where basically, a halogen lamp shines onto a mirror through a filter gel sheet to create the color. Sometimes a colored mirror is used to avoid color/filter gel. Most of the modern projector DJ lights these days use LEDs instead of halogen lamps.
  4. Lasers: Lasers are a comparatively new type of DJ light. They apply a laser diode and an array of mirrors to project multiple colors and beams of illumination.

Further, if you see, lights can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Stage lights:

    to light up the theatrical productions, concerts, and other performances at live performance events. They can be likewise employed to illuminate television studios and sound stages.


  • PAR lights
  • Strip lights
  • Scoop lights
  • House lights and work lights
  • LED stage lights
  1. Spotlights:

    A spotlight is an instrument used for lighting up theatre to produce a puddle of light for the stage.


  • Fresnel lanterns or Fresnels
  • Ellipsoidal reflector spotlights
  • Pebble Convex lanterns (or “PCs”)
  • Fresnel lantern
  • Ellipsoidal reflector spotlight
  • Beam projector
  • Followspot
  1. Intelligent lighting:

The moving lights (or intelligent fixtures) began to gain widespread adoption in the concert industry in the early 1980s. As the digital age advanced, the cost of these fixtures reduced, and they are progressively used in many major theatrical productions. The main character can be noted as the ability to remotely control the movement and features of the light’s output beam.

This is usually processed either by moving a mirror that reflects the beam; or running the entire fixture, which can pan and tip by means of a motorized yoke. They usually also hold other controls to shape, texture, and color the light. This facility to repeatedly set the fixture’s location allows one light to perform many functions, lighting different areas in multiple ways.


Some additional terms that can help:

  1. DMX:

    DMX, i.e., Digital Multiplex, is a standard for digital communication and lighting networks. Each run of connected DMX cables to the lights can handle 512 channels of DMX. If the requirement is for more than 512 channels, the hardware can be expanded. One lighting unit can be on the same channel of control as another light, and they will cause the same thing. It creates space for more shine.

  2. Strobe lights:

    Recently, the strobe lights and lasers gained significant adoption and are more common and affordable. Stone lights utilize a white pulsating light beam. They make a fast flash effect that can be implemented in many ways. Usually known at Halloween time in haunted houses. Moreover, some species of pests, including rodents, cannot resist strobe lights. Therefore, they likewise help you humanely rid your home of a rat or mouse infestation.

  3. Laser:

    Laser effect in lights creates an intense color beam. These lights often have built-in display programs and close to sound-activated, so your lights go along with the music. Highly advanced laser lights have capabilities to produce 3D effects and a wide variety of other exciting results. Lasers have greater effects when paired with fog machines.

  1. Derby:

    Derby light is a creative style to light up any home or location. They can spread multicolored, chasing beams thru an area. Some of these can multi-task and perform other effects like a black light, strobe light, automated programs, sound-activated plans, and many more. If your search requires an impressive shine that exhibits a variety of effects, derby lights could be your right pick.

  2. Wash Lighting:

    Wash lighting is commonly employed to create an atmosphere at a lighting scheme. They can add light sparks of color on walls, floors, and bases. These can also put up sharp intensity pops of color and can be used in collaboration with many other lights and effects.


Wrapping up:

For today it is a myth that DJ lights are just for professionals.

DL lights are something that has the power to absolutely light up your mood. Acts icing to cake at music. Any party you can think of, any dance you remember, is incomplete without one. With the latest technology hacks, we have the freedom to choose our shine-giving product from a wide variety of choices available.

Controlling these includes no rocket science, and there are various ways you can get help in case you need any, for instance, users’ manual, online guides (Amazon review can also be counted in this list). You can very easily travel with some of them and add glow wherever and whenever you wish to.

Bottom line:

Understanding your requirement is most important. List them, decide your budget, and go for your selections. If you have any other DJ lights recommendation you can mail us or contact us through our contact page 🙂


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